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Mediavaunu 2003-2005

Mediavaunu is a project, that brings education of digital media and visual communication to the small villages in the countryside of Satakunta. Main function is to educate and arouse ideas among the local people in order to develop and improve their own villages. All projects are made in terms of local needs. Educational method is learning by doing.

Mediavaunu brochure 2005

To who?

  • Schools - to children Mediavaunu offers educational movie projects in the after-school clubs. Children can create their own movies from the very beginning to the premiere.
  • Village houses - Village houses are good places for the whole village to meet and learn together, often these places also have Internet connections.
  • Educational camps and all kinds of happenings are arranged. People of all ages can create digital media together: videos, Internet pages, digital photos etc. 
  • Separately specified education - main principle is, that the local people are able to create products they want or need by themselves in order to develop their own village 
Mediavaunu is also a post wagon
  • Post boxes – Mediavaunu recycles the knowledge to those villages, that don't have their own projects 
  • Post stops – small projects, the results are videos and media products
  • Post villages – main targets, in which more specified education and production totalities are made
  • Post route– the route gathered together from the different post roads in the Karhunseutu area. All the villages involved in Mediavaunu are gathered here. The post route is the route, that is worth seeing


- Village communities
- Arts Council of Satakunta
- Pori Centre of Children's Culture - Network of Children's Culture in Satakunta

Karhuseutu ry.



Main principles
  • Education is made in terms of the local people depending on their own needs and desires.

  • Education concentrates on learning by doing - method and team work. Project is defined to be something, that benefits the village. One can learn basic computer and photographic skills by doing those things in the project.

  • The starting point is kept very low, no previous knowledge is needed. Everything depends on the people, their own interests and desires to learn new things.

  • Technique is not the obstacle - only ignoring your imagination and courage to try new things can be. 

  • The most important thing is the CONTENTS, not how well you can describe it.
  • Every idea can be filmed in case people want to. In the education you learn also to be critical, we want to make the final results as good as they can be, even though the makers are not professionals in every fields yet. 
  • The projects are documentated with the professional equipment, so that you can collect a documentary program to TV when Mediavaunu-project is about to end (summer 2005).


Starts 1.5.2003, ends 31.12.2005.

In the first year the project starts in three villages, in which certain amount of education is arranged. A media camp for the children will be arranged in the summer.

1. Evaluation and meeting the village resources, interviews (1-3 times)

2. Arranging a get together - evening, where common schedules can be planned

3. Educational media camps/ village video happenings: 5 days either all together or in two separate weekends. The courses and the education are concentrated on the pre-productional matters. 

4. The results and editing of the material from the course weekends, possible extra days for shooting videos.

5. Another media camp/ happening, 5 days, contcentrates on the post production, editing and the critical evaluation. 

6. THE GREAT Premiere day of the video

The second year will be formed on basis of the first year's experiences, activities will be expanded to three other villages. 

In the third year a great media event for all the villages involved will be carried out. All the experiences shall be gathered together in the Internet for everyone to use and benefit. 

– staff: one whole time project leader, who will also work as a guide 
– buying service: assistant guides
– the amount of the courses and education primarily planned: 1st year, 3 villages, 2 courses/ village

The first co-working villages will be selected in the beginning of the year 2003. 

Mediavaunu operates in these 8 counties

Mediavaunu operates 
in these 7 counties












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